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"You can't go back and change the beginning but you can START where you are and change the ending"

Welcome to the START website. START is a trauma informed support service which offers a range of specialist services across North, Central and the District of East Hampshire for anyone who has suffered sexual abuse. START is a member of The Survivors Trust and the Male Survivors Partnership and all our counsellors are fully qualified, trained and and experienced trauma therapists.

The core service offered by START is a confidential, specialist counselling and support service for anyone who has experienced sexual abuse and/or sexual assault, resulting in sexual trauma. The services are offered to everyone, regardless of age, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, cultural or religious background. The duration of counselling varies by individual, with an agreement covering the services we will deliver and the commitments to be made by the client, agreed at an initial assessment interview. The counselling service is free, within NICE guidelines, but for those living outside our core geographic areas, we offer a chargeable service for our specialist Lotus residential retreat.

In addition to counselling, we offer Peer Support Groups in locations across the county and therapeutic residential week-ends, focused on enabling clients to better manage the impact of their trauma. We also have Friends of START advisory panels which help us to improve our services and organise fundraising events.

Taste of Recovery

An online package of support developed by ReConnected Life and presented in partnership with START.

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