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When Amanda and Bev first invited me to come on the Lotus programme I had so many different feelings. I felt like there were people who would benefit more than me and I was less deserving, that I didn’t want to take the time off work or have to tell my friends or family where I was, that I wouldn’t get on with the others on the programme and it would just leave me feeling even more alone than ever, that I would have to talk about my experience with total strangers (even though they assured me I didn’t have to say anything at all if I didn’t want to).

However, I can hand on heart say it’s been one of the best experiences of my life. I’ve gained more from it than I could have ever imagined and met people who I hope I’ll always stay connected with. I’ve never spoken to anyone about my experience and always struggled to know how to. Yet being around people who have experienced something similar and have a total understanding and zero judgement is amazing. Although I didn’t go into any specifics, you don’t have to, they’re able to understand exactly what you’re going through without even trying. Finding out they’ve had the same thoughts, feelings and behaviours as me really made me feel like I’m not alone, that what I’m feeling is okay and it will get better. I’ve never felt more comfortable or connected with a group of people like I have on the Lotus programme.

The workshops were hard and emotional at times, but hugely beneficial and everyone who ran them were incredibly inspiring and supportive! Overall we laughed so much more than we cried! It really is the safest space I’ve ever had and although I was sad to leave, the programme has left me feeling ready for the next steps in my recovery and optimistic (for the first time) that things can and will improve.

But don’t take my word for it, come and see for yourself. You can always leave if you really don’t enjoy it and I hope that you find the experience as amazing as I have.


P.S. Amanda and Bev have been absolutely incredible and I’ll never be able to thank them enough
for giving me the opportunity.

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