Sexual Trauma & Abuse Restorative Therapies

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RASAC provides regular reports to its funders about trends and statistics, and has just completed the set of statistics for April-June 2019 period. We received over 80 requests for help and support during this 3 month period with around 85% coming from adult females.

Of the referrals we received over two-thirds were self-referrals and the trend is for most contacts to be received through our on-line referral web portal. We provided over 600 face to face counselling sessions in response to help which we provided alongside our group-work programme.

There continues to be an upwards trend on reporting sexual trauma from both male, female and transgender survivors whether this is recent or historical abuse, but by far the most request for support is for childhood sexual abuse counselling. We provide up to 24 face-to-face sessions for childhood sexual abuse which usually take around 6 months to complete, although the counselling is only part of the clients’ healing process and recovery journey.

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