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Welcome to STARTS strategic planning for 2024/2025. START strategy relies on, and is governed by, the available long-term funding to support its range of services. Traditionally START has been funded through Hampshire CC, the NHS England the OPCC (Office of Police & Crime Commission) However, in October 2023 these funding bodies combined their funding streams and then tendered out the contract to deliver therapeutic sexual abuse services across Hampshire.

START was successful in bidding to provide these services and selected as the preferred provider across North and Central Hampshire, securing a 5-year contract until 2029 in the process. This contract award ensures STARTS can plan for long term sustainability and plan for long term projects and areas of development within the allotted annual funding.

STARTS overarching strategy is to;

  • deliver a wraparound support service to all people who have suffered sexual abuse, whether historical or recent sexual abuse, through offering a range of support option and adopting a trauma informed approach.
  • only employ experienced and qualified staff at all levels with specialist sexual trauma training.
  • Provide people who need the service with a quick, and easy way to access services with a maximum wait for any service of six months from the point of contact, working towards a maximum wait of 3 months.

STARTS 10 POINT PLAN (April 2024-March 2025)

  1. START will continue to provide its innovative and unique residential LOTUS programmes for people who have suffered Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA). Programmes will run between April 2024 and March 2025. and at least one of these at least one will be specifically for Male survivors of CSA, depending on suitability and number of referrals receive for the programme.
  2. START will look to develop a non -residential daytime/weekend LOTUS programme which will be rolled out in the Autumn of 2024, with bimonthly programmes arranged from October, and then in December 2024 and February 2025 depending on referral numbers.
  3. START will expand its service availability across its regional patch as part of its strategic philosophy of delivering local services to local people. More individual counselling services will be made available in Andover and Fleet.
  4. START will further develop its online self-help tool with a new and updated version of the current tool and update its resource website.
  5. START will continue with its specialist STEPS peer support programmes and aim to ensure at least two monthly gender specific groups are offered in Basingstoke for North Hampshire and Winchester for Central Hampshire
  6. START will continue to publish an annual START report (in September of 2024) outlining its previous years operation which will include client feedback and statistical trends and seek additional verbal feedback from male and female clients.
  7. START will continue to further development of its growing EMDR counselling service and potentially invest in two further counsellor training programme places as they become available in Hampshire.
  8. START will invest in further staff training as part of its commitment to working with people with different needs and protected characteristics, including neuro-diversity training.
  9. START will ensure its consultation and advisory group which consists of those with lived experiences has representatives from all gender groups and gender identity and those with a disability
  10. START will seek to recruit counsellors from the BAME communities and continue to ensure that it that at least 10% of its counselling team are male counsellors to offer gender choice to clients.

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